First hotfixes for No Rest for the Wicked

No rest for the wicked
Translate from : Første hotfixes til No Rest for the Wicked
Moon Studios is working to resolve a number of complaints about the game. They've released the first fixes for No Rest for the Wicked, and improvements are on the way.

Moon Studios has announced the first wave of hotfixes for No Rest for the Wicked, their action RPG that launched on PC in Early Access last week. In the days following launch, players took to social media and the game's Steam page to highlight a number of performance issues with the game as well as requests for certain tweaks and improvements.

The first two updates addressing these needs have now been released, and Moon Studios is committed to improving the game at a rapid pace to ensure a seamless entry for everyone. “Thanks again to all of you for making our Early Access launch so amazing,” the studio said on Twitter / X. “Today's hotfix is the first of many upcoming updates to improve No Rest for the Wicked on the way to our 1.0- release. We hear you!"

The first hotfix, issued over the weekend, included balance fixes, weapon durability damage reduction, repair cost reduction, stamina cost reduction, as well as some loot changes, stability fixes, and fixes for a number of bugs.

The second hotfix, launched yesterday, focuses on improving game performance as well as durability, food costs, and introducing fishing rods to Whittacker's loot table.

Moon Studios has also "improved enemy spawning in Nameless Pass, fixed some holes in localization, and squashed a handful of bugs." Diving into the promised performance improvements, No Rest for the Wicked should now have "improved general rendering performance, added optimizations in Balance and Performance quality levels, improved general performance of visual effects and fog, improved ship prologue performance, and additional minor performance improvements."

For those players who encountered difficulties in the early stages of the game, it should now run better, or at least with less obfuscation. If you can't run the game now, it's best to keep an eye on No Rest for the Wicked's social media channels for updates. Moon Studios is currently hard at work on improvements to the game, and it is hoped that its major issues will be addressed in the coming weeks.

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