Fortnite iOS will return to the EU in 2024

Translate from : Fortnite iOS vender tilbage til EU i 2024
After a four-year legal battle with Apple, new changes in the European Union are now bringing Fortnite back to iOS devices.

Fortnite Battle Royale was first released for Apple's iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and even iPod touch in 2018. While it achieved unparalleled success and recognition from mobile gamers on iOS, it all came to an abrupt end when Epic Games and Apple's lawsuit began in 2020, when Apple removed the game from its App Store.

Although four years have passed since the dispute began, a resolution has now been put in place that will see Fortnite return to the App Store for iPhones and iPads in 2024. The UEFN Folders Fortnite Festival Rocket Racing Lego Fortnite and other current in-game events will all be available for iOS users soon.

Fortnite update X

This will allow them to enjoy the latest additions to the game and participate in exciting events. Fortnite's return to iOS is great news for mobile gamers as it means they can once again enjoy this popular battle royale experience on their favorite devices. It is also a sign that Apple and Epic Games are finding common ground, which could be a harbinger of future collaborations between the two companies.

Once Fortnite is back on the App Store, it will be available to millions of iOS users worldwide. This will surely give the game a huge boost in popularity and attract even more players to its already huge user base.

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