Fortnite players frustrated with the game's bots

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Fortnite fans are expressing disappointment with the use of AI bots and the game's ineffective matchmaking system. Will changes be made because of the feedback?

The use of bots has once again sparked a debate in the Fortnite community, with several expressing their disappointment that the game still uses them despite its huge player base. Indeed, the issue is not only limited to the use of bots in Fortnite, but also highlights a much larger matchmaking issue that fans have been demanding changes to for a long time now. Despite Fortnite's overwhelming player numbers, the game suffers from a fair amount of criticism. Recently, there was massive community outrage over a change in how V-Bucks are awarded to Battle Pass owners. Along with that, the change in daily challenges didn't go too well either, and it seems that there is another underlying problem that has compounded the problem even more.

In a post on the Fortnite subreddit, Reddit user eL_graves shows how easy it is to take down bots in the game. The video shows them casually taking one down with an Anvil Rocket Launcher to win the match, emphasizing how unsatisfying the game becomes because of them. Along with that, the player also expressed their amazement at the fact that the game still makes such extensive use of these bots, despite Fortnite's daily player count being in the millions.

Other players on the post responded with mixed opinions about bots in general, but one sentiment echoed throughout the discussion was the game's ineffective matchmaking. Some even said they would be happy with bots, provided the matchmaking system was balanced enough to pair them up with opponents who are of the same skill level.


Many believe that matchmaking has gone to extremes, either filling the Fortnite lobby with bots or with much more experienced players. However, it must be said that some people seem to be in favor of bots. One user highlights how satisfying it is to guarantee a few in-game kills after a busy week, something that is not possible without the presence of bots.

Some even suggest how bot encounters can be considered a warm-up that prepares players for the battle with real players in the latter parts of the match. While fans' disappointment at facing bots is justified, it should be noted that their presence is not solely due to not having enough players in the Fortnite lobby. Instead, the game also adds bots to a lobby to balance the playing field.

While this can sometimes get lopsided, it's a crucial part of making matchmaking much more accessible to everyone. Whether the developers actually end up making some changes due to the backlash, we'll have to wait and see.

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