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Layers of Fear
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It has become a bit dark and windy outside again and it could be very practical to try the games Layers of Fear and Dead Space Remake. Both games currently have free demo versions on Steam.

Dead Space Remake

Dead Space created a whole mess of Sci-Fi horror upon its launch, and was generally very well received. Now we have a remake which boosts the graphic side of the game considerably, along with a number of "Quality of Life" improvements to game play.

The new Remake version has also been really well received and has received good reviews from most reviewers, despite certain technical issues on some systems. If you haven't jumped on the new version, you can now get the opportunity, as it has opened up for you to try the new game for free.

It is possible to play an hour and a half of the new game. So there is an opportunity to sniff out whether the new improvements are enough for you to have money out of your pocket.

Layers of Fear

If you're into a little more classic horror, and perhaps also want to try a game based on Unreal Engine 5, then Layers of Fear may be the way forward. The game will be released on June 15, but the team behind it has now made a demo available on Steam. You can try the demo until 22 May.

Layers of Fear is one of the first spoilers based on Unreal Engine 5 that we have the opportunity to test on PC. The game makes use of both Nanite and Lumen technologies to create visual effects. Use is also made of the option in Unreal Engine for Temporal Super Resolution, which is an upsampling technology that should make it easier to run all the new visual effects, without killing gaming systems that are not equipped with an RTX 4090 .

On Steam, Layers of Fear is described as a Psychedelic first person horror game with a strong focus on story and exploration of the environment.

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