GeForce Now: Four years with Cloud Gaming

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Cloud Gaming is growing and here GeForce Now has distinguished itself as a leading player. This is thanks, among other things, to continuous development with its ground-breaking DLSS integration and dedicated teams.

We can now celebrate the fourth anniversary of GeForce Now, Nvidia's cloud gaming service. It's hard not to admire the impressive momentum the service has experienced. GeForce Now started out serving Mac and PC users, but has since expanded its compatibility and now supports a wide range of devices. With an extensive game library, low latency, near-console performance and seamless integration with existing games, this service has become a go-to choice for gamers seeking convenience and quality without the need for a dedicated gaming PC.

There are currently around 20 million registered users of GeForce Now. They are distributed across a number of platforms from PC to Mac to iOS, Android and WebTV interfaces.

GeForce Now Cloud Gaming

Nvidia's teams have played an important role in the success of GeForce Now. They have consistently delivered high quality visuals, taken into account community feedback, promoted the service and formed partnerships to make GeForce Now a solid competitor in cloud gaming. The service continues to evolve, and plans are underway to expand device compatibility, introduce innovative features like RTX chat, and partner with Chromebook developers.

Gaming is in constant development and here Nvidia has taken significant steps towards closing the gap between GeForce Now and desktop hardware. By adapting advanced technologies such as DLSS, Ray Tracing and Reflex, Nvidia has optimized the user experience across devices. The company's commitment to dynamic stream adjustment based on hardware capabilities ensures that gamers can enjoy the best possible experience regardless of the device they are using.

As GeForce Now continues to define cloud gaming, the future looks promising for gamers seeking high quality, convenience and versatile gaming experiences. With Nvidia's dedication to innovation and its focus on the human side of the story, the lines between technology and humanity are truly blurring.

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