GTA 6 Trailer recreated in Miami

GTA VI Trailer in real life
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Since its release in 2023, the GTA VI trailer has become one of the most watched video game ads. Now a French YouTuber has recreated scenes from the trailer in Miami.

Since its release in late 2023, the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer has become one of the biggest and most watched video game ads in history. Now, a French YouTuber named CyrilMP4 has recreated scenes from the trailer in Miami (the game is set in a fictional version of the Florida city) to create one of the most impressive side-by-side comparisons I've ever seen.

In December 2023, after a leak, Rockstar Games released the much-anticipated trailer for GTA 6. The impressive visuals, combined with the decade-long wait for just a bit of new gameplay, helped it skyrocket on the charts, setting records along the way, and helped the late Tom Petty do the same. Since then, fans have had nothing to do but watch the trailer over and over and delve into every detail they can find.

Someone even figured out the SPF of an NPC's sunscreen using science. Now a YouTuber has flown all the way to Miami - the real inspiration behind GTA 6's Vice City - to recreate the popular trailer. As spotted by PCGamer, in a recently uploaded video, French YouTuber CyrilMP4 and some friends hopped on a plane and traveled to Miami, Florida to hit the streets of the real Vice City.

He recreated moments from the announcement trailer as he explored the city, pointing out the landmarks and areas seen in both the new GTA 6 trailer and the original GTA Vice City. The most impressive thing about this entire tour and production was when CyrilMP4 edited some of the recreated scenes and placed them side-by-side with the GTA 6 trailer. This is where you can see not only how good CyrilMP4 is at matching shots, but also how close Rockstar has come to recreating a real-world location with this latest virtual city.

Compare it to San Andreas or even Liberty City in GTA IV and it's clear that this is a huge step forward in matching as many details as possible. The video includes tags that explain when something is real and when it's fake, and sometimes I needed those tags to actually tell the difference.

Grand Theft Auto VI is scheduled to launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2025. There are currently no official plans for a PC port. But it will probably show up there... at some point

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