Helldivers 2: Big Patch - Changes and Updates

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Big Helldivers 2 update changes weapon meta. Get ready for bigger battles and rethink your weapon loadout. Prepare for multiple challenges for small or solo teams.

A huge new Helldivers 2 patch has been released to the game and I think it affects about a third of all weapons in the game. This will dramatically change the player meta, as these updates usually do, as players prepare for bigger battles in the future.

There is a huge amount of changes in this patch and it will really make some people rethink their weapon equipment. There aren't that many changes to the strategies this time, but I imagine that will come later.

This new patch will have a significant impact on players and will definitely change the way they approach the game. It's always exciting to see how such changes can change the dynamics of a game. With this new weapon balance, players may find that their old strategies are no longer as effective and must adapt to the changed playing field.

This could lead to a new wave of tactical approaches and new player styles. While the change in the number of patrols may seem confusing at first, it can actually add a new level of challenge for experienced players.

It can require more tactical thinking and planning, which can make the game even more exciting. All in all, this Helldivers 2 patch promises to renew the gaming experience and create a fresh start for the players. It's a testament to the developers' commitment to the game and their desire to give players a great experience.

See the updates here divided by buff and nerfs


  • Armors with armor rating above 100 now also reduce damage on headshots.
  • Adjudicator - Full auto is now the default fire mode, Reduced recoil, Increased maximum mags from 6 to 8, Increased number of magazines received from resupply from 6 to 8, now an assault rifle
  • Punisher Plasma - Decreased maximum mags from 12 to 8, Increased amount of magazines received from resupply from 6 to 8, Increased projectile speed, but will still keep a similar range, Decreased damage falloff on the explosion, now an energy weapon
  • Blitzer - Increased shots per minute from 30 to 45, now an energy weapon
  • Diligence Counter Sniper - Damage increased from 128 to 140, Ergonomics improved
  • Diligence - Damage increased from 112 to 125
  • Peacemaker - Increased damage from 60 to 75
  • Senator - Increased damage from 150 to 175, Speedloader added when reloading on an empty cylinder–speeds up reload on empty considerably
  • Daggers - Increased damage from 150 to 200
  • Liberator - Damage increased from 55 to 60
  • Liberator Concussive - Damage increased from 55 to 65
  • Airburst Rocket Launcher - Airburst Rocket Launcher will no longer detonate when shot near stratagems (HMG turret, Sentries, Resupplies) and other Helldivers, Reduced proximity radius
  • Machine Gun Sentry - Increased health to match other Sentries
  • Tesla Tower - Increased health by 33%
  • Bile Spewer and Nursing Spewer's movespeed slightly reduced
  • Hulk Scorcher direct flamethrower damage reduced by 20%
  • Gunship spawners now have a much lower cap on how many gunships they can have active at the same time


  • Burning damage reduced by 15% (buff if vs. players)
  • Quasar Cannon - Increased recharge time by 5 seconds
  • Eruptor - Decreased number of maximum mags from 12 to 6, Explosion damage drops off slightly faster
  • Sickle - Decreased amount of magazines from 6 down to 3
  • Redeemer - Slight increase in recoil
  • Dominator - Damage decreased from 300 to 275
  • Guard Dog - Decreased damage by 30%
  • Spear - Added reload stage reload after the spent missile had been discarded
  • Hulks: Force required for them to stagger slightly increased
  • Devastator fire rate slightly increased (only the standard devastator)
  • Gunships sideways movement slightly increased
  • Scout strider Riders now less vulnerable to explosions
  • Fog Generator's health and armor increased
  • Patrol spawning has been increased when there are fewer than 4 players. The fewer the players the bigger the change. For 4 player missions there will be no change compared to before. The biggest noticeable change will be for solo players at higher difficulties

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