Hypercharge Xbox Release Trailer

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If you're an Xbox player looking for a game that combines Toy Story and Call of Duty with a good kick of 80s/90s cartoon nostalgia, then there's good news when Hypercharge lands on Xbox.

Hypercharge: Unboxed is a CO-OP third-person and first-person shooter developed by British game studio Digital Cybercherries. It was released for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch in 2020 and is now also coming to Xbox.

The game takes place in various domestic and commercial environments, including bedrooms, garages, bathrooms, gardens and toy stores, where players assume the role of an action figure.

The primary objective is to defend a central object, known as the Hypercore, against successive waves of hostile, animated toys. The main antagonist in the game is a character named Major Evil who leads the attacks against Hypercore. The narrative implies that failure to defend the Hypercore would result in people forgetting their childhood action figures. The game also introduces a character, Sgt. Max Ammo, who plays a significant role in the plot as the leader of the defense efforts.

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