Lara Croft is coming to Dead by Daylight in July.

Croft Dead by Daylight
Translate from : Lara Croft kommer til Dead by Daylight i juli.
Join the battle for survival with Lara Croft in July's Dead by Daylight, or try it now in a public test on Steam. Be prepared for a challenge without her iconic weapon!

The asymmetrical horror game Dead By Daylight has had a number of high-profile crossovers over the years - Alan Wake, Nicolas Cage, Ellen Ripley, Vecna, the list goes on - and the latest member of the lineup is no exception. Lara Croft, the original tomb raider, is coming to the game in July and is already playable via a public test build on Steam.

Unfortunately for Lara, she doesn't enter the Mist with the tools that would probably be most useful in such a situation, her guns and bow. The good news is that after years of getting out of difficult situations, she's still pretty good at handling a tough situation.

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This experience will come in handy during her journey through the Mist: Lara's unique abilities allow her to jump faster, repair generators faster, and be silent at moments when most survivors would scream, alerting any psychic killer who happens to be nearby and hunting.

"In Lara's case, it felt fitting to welcome a legendary character who personifies the spirit of survival instinct," explains the official Tomb Raider website. "Her own experiences have been plagued by brutal confrontations that drive her to the brink and back. "One dance with death after another, Lara has persevered with unwavering determination. From battling the Stormguards on the cursed island of Yamatai to enduring Baba Yaga's nightmare halls in the Valley of Evil, Lara Croft shows that she meets every challenge with a survivor's determination."

Lara will be available in Dead by Daylight on July 16, but you can follow in her footsteps now in the public test build currently underway on Steam. The test will run until July 1st, and as always, progress won't carry over to the real game, but players will get a stack of in-game currency to more easily play around with outfits and characters.

The test update includes a number of other changes and additions to the game, including a new "disconnect bot" that will appear if a player logs out while loading, allowing games that would have been canceled due to too few players to can continue. The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

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