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Black Panther Games
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EA has officially announced that a third-person single-player Black Panther game is being developed in close collaboration with Marvel.

The rumors surrounding a Black Panther game have been out before, but now EA has finally officially confirmed the rumours. The new game, which does not yet have a title, is being developed by a "brand new" studio, Cliffhanger Games.

Although it is a new developer studio, founded in 2021, it already has experienced forces on the team. The team is headed by Kevin Stephens, who previously helped develop Shadow of Mordor at Monolith Productions.

Along with Stephens, there are also others on the team who have helped make other AAA titles, such as God of War, Call of Duty and Halo Infinite.

We're dedicated to delivering fans a definitive and authentic Black Panther experience, giving them more agency and control over their narrative than they have ever experienced in a story-driven video game. Wakanda is a rich Super Hero sandbox, and our mission is to develop an epic world for players who love Black Panther and want to explore the world of Wakanda as much as we do."

- Kevin Stephens

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To ensure that the game is true to the vision of Wakanda we know, Cliffhanger Studios works closely with Marvel. Among other things, Stephens has stated that the team wants to give the players the experience of being worthy of the title of Black Panther. It must be done through a story driven single player game.

It's still very limited what we have in terms of details about the game, but based on the info we have, the intentions are nothing short of good.

However, the upcoming game from Cliffhanger is not the only Black Panther game that we can look forward to. Almost a year ago, Marvel Games and Skydance New Media announced that, with Amy Hennig at the helm, they were working on a game featuring Black Panther and Captain America set during World War II.

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