New leak from Marvel's Wolverine

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A new video hit the internet earlier today, showing off ten minutes of newly leaked gameplay from Marvel's Wolverine. The video shows Wolverine escaping the Weapon X Facility.

As with all the previously leaked videos for Marvel's Wolverine, the latest one is full of placeholders. It is also a bit rough and unpolished. And since this is from an early alpha build, it doesn't represent the quality of the final game. Still, it might interest some of our Wolverine fans, which is why we've decided to share it with you.

In this video, Logan battles some enemies while escaping the Weapon X Facility. One guess could be that this will be a flashback sequence in the game where players will discover how Wolverine was created.

Back in December 2023, a PC dev build for Marvel's Wolverine was leaked online. This PC dev build allowed you to play a few gameplay scenarios. So much indicates that Insomniac already has a PC version of the game ready.

Despite that, we shouldn't expect this game to hit the PC alongside its PS5 version. Instead, we'll probably get it a year or two after it's released on Sony's console. This is based on Sony's current PC strategy. However, things can change.

When the game is released on PS5, modders may be able to figure out how to import it to PC. That's exactly what a talented group of modders are already doing with Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

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