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Sony PlayStation Showcase ny hardware
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Sony has just held their PlayStation Showcase, where there was new in both hardware and of course also games.

If we start on the hardware front, Sony has now unveiled their bid for handheld gaming. Many might have hoped for a Sony PlayStation device that could take on devices such as the Nintendo Switch or Steamdeck.

Here, however, we unfortunately have to disappoint, because that is not the case. The device, which so far bears the name Project Q, is instead a WiFi streaming device that draws on games via Remote Play. These are games that must be installed on your PlayStation 5.

This means it's a device you can use while at home, which undeniably limits its uses a lot.

Project Q comes with an 8" HD screen sandwiched between two halves of a DualSense controller. Sony didn't say anything about the internal hardware, but since it's purely a streaming device, with no possibility of local gaming, it ends up being probably won't end up playing that big of a role.

After the very brief presentation of Project Q, Sony also unveiled their first True Wireless Earbuds. They can be used together with your Sony devices and smartphone as well as PC.

Sony PlayStation Showcase Project Q.jpg

Common to the new hardware revelations was the very limited amount of information. However, Sony promised that more information would be coming soon on both devices.

Spider Man 2

On the game side, quite as expected, there was also a lot of new information and trailers. The biggest one here was definitely a 12-minute long look at the upcoming Spider-Man 2 game. The trailer was a mix of Cinematics and gameplay.

We got to see a lot of great gameplay where both Peter Parker and Miles Morales came into play. Among other things, there was a look at Peter in a symbiote version, which provides a sea of new possibilities in battle.

We could also see how the game fluidly switches between Peter and Miles on the same mission.

If the trailer is representative of the rest of the game, we can look forward to an action-packed roller coaster ride.

Spider-Man 2 is coming out this fall for PlayStation 5

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Remake

Another big game that appeared was Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Remake. It has been long awaited by fans of the series, and so now we got a reveal trailer. It looked impressive, but since there was no gameplay involved, of course we can't really use it as any indication of how the game will end up looking out.

However, impressive new graphics are promised, which was also to be expected from a next gen remake. Although Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater Remake was announced at Sony's event, it is not an exclusive title. The game will also be available on Xbox and PC.

Alan Wake 2

Another game we got a bit more details on was Alan Wake 2. Here we got a new gameplay trailer, along with a release date. There are really good horror vibes about the new trailer, and we can look forward to enjoying the game on both PlayStation, Xbox and PC on October 17.

Assassin's Creed Mirage

Despite the fact that Ubisoft itself also has an event just around the corner, at the PlayStation Showcase we also saw new details about Assasin's Creed Mirage, with a short gameplay trailer. At the same time, we also want a release date. It will be another game we can look forward to when the autumn darkness descends upon us. The game lands on schedule on October 14.

There was of course much more at Sony's PlayStation Showcase and you can watch the entire event on YouTube if you want all the details.

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