New PlayStation State of Play this week

Sony State of Play 2024_
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We can look forward to a slightly longer event than usual, covering a total of 15 upcoming games for PlayStation.

Rumors were circulating earlier this weekend, and now Sony has confirmed it themselves – a new PlayStation State of Play presentation is coming this week. It looks set to be a significant event, as Sony promises a presentation of over 40 minutes, which is significantly longer than the usual State of Play presentations, which typically last between 15 and 20 minutes. The upcoming presentation will cover a whopping 15 games, which is an impressive amount compared to previous events.

State of Play Twitter

The event starts on January 31 at 23.00 Danish time and can be streamed via YouTube, TicTok or Twitch.

Sony has previously held State of Play presentations as a platform to share updates and news about their games and products. These events have traditionally been more compact, but the upcoming presentation looks to break with that norm and provide a more comprehensive look at the upcoming titles.


In their official announcement, Sony specifically points to two games, Rise of the Ronin and Stellar Blade, which will be presented in more detail during the event. This suggests that there will be a deeper insight into these games and maybe even exclusive content or important updates.

Fans of PlayStation and the gaming industry as a whole will likely look forward to this State of Play presentation as an opportunity to gain insight into upcoming titles and news from Sony.

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