No Rest For The Wicked Gameplay Preview

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If you're curious about the upcoming No Rest For The Wicked, it's worth a look. Eurogamer has shared a video showing the first 90 minutes of the game.

Eurogamer has shared a video showing 90 minutes of gameplay footage from the upcoming action RPG, No Rest for the Wicked. Their video gives a good impression of the game and the slightly special mechanics in the combat system that distinguish it from many other ARPG games such as Diablo.

In No Rest for the Wicked, battles will be deliberate and tactical with a Helath and a stamina bar. This is a nice surprise, as No Rest for the Wicked won't feel like "another" Diablo or Path of Exile clone. No Rest for the Wicked will also have boss fights and a wide variety of weapons. Each unique weapon will have different stats and enchantments to set them apart. Additionally, each weapon will have different runes that unlock combos.

The game will also have something inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. To be more precise, players will be able to cook food to heal themselves.

Another big difference between this game and most other action RPGs is the absence of mana. Instead, the game will have a Focus meter that increases as you do better in combat. Each class will also use Focus for their special abilities.

It's also worth noting that the game will support both solo and co-op modes (with up to four players). At this point, this is typical of all action RPGs.

Moon Studios will launch No Rest for the Wicked on Steam Early Access on April 18th.

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