Physical copies of Starfield without Game Disc on PC

Translate from : Fysiske kopier af Starfield uden Game Disc på PC
If you are looking forward to playing Starfield on PC and at the same time are a fan of owning your games physically then there is bad news.

Because even though Starfield will be sold in physical stores, the "game" you go into the store and buy for PC will not contain a Game Disc. Instead, you simply get a code, which you must subsequently redeem to download the game.

Starfield is for many among the most anticipated games for a long time. It is the first time in many years that Bethesda, the developers of the Elder Scrolls series, is launching a new game world.

However, the release will apparently be completely without the possibility of actually owning the game physically if you want to play on PC. The game will contain a Game Disc in the Xbox version, but even the large Constellation Collectors Edition for PC will not contain the Game Disc, but only a code for the game.

You will probably be able to choose whether you want a code for Steam or for the Windows Store.

Starfield is currently set for release on September 6, 2023.


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