Respawn speaks out after hacker attack

Translate from : Respawn udtaler sig efter hacker-angreb
Respawn issues official statement following recent hacking of Apex Legends Global Series. They are committed to strengthening security to maintain the trust of their gaming community.

Respawn has finally issued an update following the recent Apex Legends hacking incident. The latest edition of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) North American Regional Finals was brought to a halt when hackers found their way into the tournament.

With no comment from the studio at the time, many Apex Legends players were concerned about the game's possible vulnerability. Fortunately, it didn't take long for an official statement from Respawn in an attempt to dismiss the security concerns.

Hackers are not new to gaming, especially when it comes to popular live service games. Apex Legends itself has been plagued by multiple issues surrounding cheating and hacking since its launch in 2019. Last year, in one of the company's notable ban waves, Respawn banned over 3000 cheaters from ranked matches.

Apex Legends

While hackers continue to find ways to derail the game, Respawn's latest update is an encouraging sign in terms of maintaining community trust. The recent hacking case in the Apex Legends tournament raised immediate security questions, such as hacking possibly being an Easy Anti-Cheat vulnerability. But Epic Games clarified that no such issues were found, followed by Respawn's own update on the game's status.

In its statement, the company stated that it immediately paused the competition when the problem came to light. Respawn also said its team implemented "the first of a layered series of updates" to ensure the game's security. While it is yet to be seen what the details are, it is an indication that the developers have more security measures on the way.

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Unfortunately, this is not the only problem facing the Titanfall 2 studio. Recently, it was announced that Apex Legends was hit with layoffs as part of EA's 670 employee cuts that affected multiple studios. Either way, it's unclear how the layoffs will affect the game's future. However, that doesn't mean it's all bad news for gamers. In addition to the upcoming Star Wars strategy game, Respawn is reportedly working on a new Titanfall-based title.

Fans have long wanted a follow-up to cult hit Titanfall 2, despite the studio's constant reluctance to comment on the possibility of Titanfall 3. While it may be some time before Respawn gives an official presentation of its next project, its continued efforts promise to grow Apex Legends to keep fan interest piqued.

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