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Discover Roblox's newest AI tool that quickly and efficiently translates chats into understandable languages. Remove language barriers and immerse yourself in Roblox across languages.

AI is the big buzzword of the time and the many technologies associated with AI are finding their way into many places. An excellent example of this is Roblox's recent development of a tool that helps translate real-time chats into understandable languages using AI. The company unveiled its latest AI tool and praised its performance, pointing out that users may not notice a translation is taking place because of how fast it is.


Roblox's latest tool seeks to address the language barrier on the platform, especially given its recognized global presence. In a recent blog post, Roblox announced the arrival of its new multilingual translation model, delivering a new AI tool centered on breaking down language barriers globally. This tool also promises improved translations with real-time features, one where users can read the translated text instantly, not noticing that Roblox's AI system has already processed it for them.

This is available through Roblox's in-experience text chat, and users only need to enable this feature to understand chats in their preferred language. In the chat window, users will see automatic translations based on the region or language settings of the person, with AI helping to make it possible. Roblox said its translation has a latency of about 100 milliseconds, something that might not be noticed already. According to Roblox, these features are available in 16 languages (including English) for dialects such as Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Polish, and Vietnamese.

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