Watch 4 hours of Delta Force: Hawk Ops gameplay

Delta Force - Hawk Ops
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If you are curious about the upcoming Delta Force: Hawk Ops game and would like to see more about the different game modes the game comes with, watch here!

YouTube channel 'Virgin Wizard' has shared a video showing over 4 hours of gameplay from the upcoming Delta Force game, Delta Force: Hawk Ops. This video was taken from an event that took place earlier this month.

This video is in Chinese, so it might be difficult to understand what is being said if you don't speak Chinese. Still, it shows off two of the game modes that will be available at launch. As such, it can give you an idea of what to expect from them.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops will launch with three game modes. These modes are Hazard Operations, Havoc Warfare and Black Hawk Down. In the first mode, players can form a 3-man unit to complete impossible missions. Havoc Warfare is the game's "Battlefield" mode where you will fight in massive battles on land, sea and air. And yes, there will be vehicles to drive. Lastly, Black Hawk Down will be a remaster of the classic IP that aims to provide a cinematic experience.

Delta Force - Hawk Ops

As you will see, the first mode is a Tarkov/DMZ like mode. On the other hand, Havoc Warfare is a "BF meets COD" mode. Havoc Warfare starts at 1:59:00 and from what I see it won't offer "fully" destructible objects. Yes, you can destroy walls and some objects. However, I also saw some indestructible objects. Still, the level of destruction is far beyond what most other multiplayer games offer, so that's good news at least.

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