New beautiful Empire of the Ants trailer

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If you are a fan of strategy games, but are keen to try a new angle on the genre, then Empire of the Ants may be a good bet. Watch the new trailer!

IGN has shared a new in-engine trailer for Empire of the Ants, powered by Unreal Engine 5, which looks to have incredible visual effects. Developed by Tower Five, Empire of the Ants promises to offer stunning graphics that will impress players.

In Empire of the Ants, you will strategize your way to rule the world. It's all about making smart choices to keep your colony alive. You will explore, fight and even form alliance with other creeps to thrive and become the ultimate ant empire.

The game aims to offer a real-time strategic experience that is closely inspired by the book series. Players will dive into a microscopic world and use their strategic skills to help their colony thrive.

Empire of the Ants will feature a photorealistic forest where players will meet and interact with other ants and forest dwellers. The game will also have day and night environments. The developers claimed that there will be day, night, morning and dusk times. We can also assume that the game will utilize Lumen.

This trailer looks amazing. Tower Five is a small team, so what they've managed to create with UE5 is pretty impressive. So, lots of kudos to them for showing one of the best examples of what UE5 can deliver.

From what we know, Microids is planning to release this game in 2024. However, we don't have any specific ETA for when it will be released. Additionally, the publisher has not shared the game's PC system requirements. So, we're probably looking at a Q3 or Q4 2024 release date.

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