Se The Witcher 3 i 8K med 100+ mods

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It's been eight years since The Witcher 3 was released, but with mods and updates it can still beat many modern titles on the graphics side. Digital Dreams shows on YouTube a modded version of the game in 8K and here you can really see how beautiful the game can be even here so many years after its release.

Although not specified in the video, it appears to be the original version of the game, and not the new Next Gen version that Digital Dreams used for their Gameplay Capture. The game runs on a PC with an RTX 4090 graphics card to be able to squeeze out the beautiful images.

Even if you don't have an 8K screen, which very few do, then finally set the video on YouTube to the 8K setting, as it also improves the Bitrate and provides better quality even on screens with a lower resolution.

Digital Dreams uses the Reshade Ray Tracing Mod and Immersive Lighting 2.2 and the total list of mods runs to over 100 mods. So making the game look this good is no small task. However, modding is almost a hobby in itself for many gaming fans, and when the results are this good, it's nothing to say.

If you've got blood on your teeth, Digital Dreams has posted the full list of mods right here. Then you can jump on board yourself in the task of tuning The Witcher 3, as a supplement to the new season on Netflix.

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