See the lovely combination of Minecraft and Stalker

Skærmbillede 2024-03-12 085721
Translate from : Se den dejlige kombination af Minecraft og Stalker
If you are in the perhaps slightly strange cross-field of fans of Minecraft and Stalker, then see here how a nice mix of the two has been made in Unreal Engine 5.

YouTube's 'KREM' has shared an amazing concept video showing what a mix of STALKER and Minecraft could have looked like in Unreal Engine 5. This looks absolutely incredible, so be sure to check it out.

Like I said, this is a concept video and nothing more than that. And that's a shame because STALCRAFT looks really cool. I would honestly love to play a game like this. KREM has managed to retain the gameplay mechanics of STALKER. At the same time, they have added characters similar to those from Minecraft. And thanks to UE5, the fan-made game looks beautiful.

The result is astonishing. The light especially looks so good. So in a way, this concept video can give us an idea of what some developers might be able to achieve with Epic's newest engine.

This is also one of the rare occasions where I have no complaints about a UE5 concept video. I don't know if it's due to its amazing art style, but I don't see any visual flaws here. The environments look incredible and the Lumen powered light is a beauty to behold. The textures used are also very detailed.

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