Sony pulls in with Helldivers 2

Translate from : Sony trækker i land med Helldivers 2
A few days ago, PC gamers were upset when Arrowhead and Sony said they would need a PSN account for Helldivers 2 on Steam. But now Sony has changed its mind. PC players no longer need to use a PSN account for the game.

One important detail, however, is that this change only applies to Helldivers 2. Ghost of Tsushima will still require a PSN account for its online multiplayer and PlayStation overlay. However, you will be able to play the single player campaign without needing a PSN account.

In short, it doesn't really matter that Sony has backed away from this. Yes, PC gamers have won the battle for Helldivers 2. However, future games may still require a PSN account. Sony claimed that they are still learning what is best for PC gamers and that our feedback has been invaluable. However, it sounds like a PR statement and nothing more.

Sony pulls in Helldivers 2

Also, let's not forget that the PSN support page still states that some PC games may require a PSN account. Back in 2022, Sony claimed that all of its PlayStation games would be playable on PC without the need for a PSN account. This apparently does not seem to be the case.

The biggest problem with Helldivers 2 was that the PlayStation Network is not available in many countries. So Sony sold a game that many PC gamers couldn't play. Sure, you could create a "fake" account, but someone got banned for doing that in Helldivers 2. And then the game became unavailable in over 100 countries. So it wasn't just about complaining about something PC gamers didn't like. This was a big problem.

Let's also not forget that Helldivers 2 was fully playable on PC without the need for a PSN account. So forcing something like that on PC players three months after the game's release was really stupid. There are many PC gamers who don't want to use any store other than Steam. So making a claim about having to create another account on a service you don't use at all and which may not be available in your country at all is a rather rude thing to do on the back end.

As a result of the claim, the game ended up being "Review Bombed" and Helldivers 2 currently has "Most Negative/Mixed Reviews" on Steam. However, one can guess that things will return to normal now after Sony's new announcement.

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