Star Wars Outlaws is just around the corner

Translate from : Star Wars Outlaws er lige om hjørnet
Marketing for Star Wars Outlaws is ramping up in a big way, with the world premiere of a Story Trailer scheduled to air on Tuesday, April 9 at 18.00

Many fans take this as confirmation that the game will launch sooner rather than later. Ubisoft has historically released story trailers relatively close to release dates, and there's also the fact that several countries have already rated the game, including South Korea, Brazil, Australia, and possibly the US, given the ESRB rating spotted on the Ubisoft Store.

Now, journalist Jordan Maison has shared on Twitter that GameStop is preparing promotional materials for the opening of the Star Wars Outlaws pre-order program.

Star Wars Outlaws leak.jpg

GameStop and other major retailers (including digital stores) will likely open for pre-orders right after the release of the story trailer in two days.

Powered by Ubisoft Massive's Snowdrop Engine with NVIDIA DLSS 3 and RTX Direct Illumination/RTGi support on PC, the game aims to realize the first true single-player open world Star Wars experience. The developers want to offer players a completely seamless transition from the canteen on a planet's surface to flying into space with the Trailbrazer, an EML 850 light freighter from the Republic era.

Space is said to be dangerous, but also full of possibilities. There will be intimate dogfights as well as big battles against big starships, but it's also a vehicle for discovery and exploration. The Star Wars feel will also be present thanks to different planet profiles, each with unique stories, wildlife, ecosystems and situations.

As a lawless villain, protagonist Kay Vess will encounter various tasks and favors from different characters and factions, which will affect her reputation with them and allow her to unlock new equipment and abilities. In Star Wars Outlaws, players will be able to make their own choices, forge their own path and reputation at a time when the galaxy's dark underworld thrived. The game also includes a wanted system where players can gain wanted levels by challenging or being captured by the Empire, leading to increased resistance and strengths. However, there will always be a way for players to silence or escape.

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