The Lords of the Fallen: 13 minutters gameplay

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If you are curious about the upcoming The Lords of the Fallen game, then there is something good to warm up with a 13 minute gameplay video.

It is on IGN's YouTube channel that we got a long gameplay video to see from the upcoming Lords of the Fallen. The video covers the first 13 minutes of the game and follows up on the Gameplay Overview video that IGN also shared two weeks ago.

The Lords of the Fallen is an Action RPG in development by CI Games. It follows up on their game of almost the same name from 2014. Personally, I probably varied the name a bit to avoid confusion.

The game clearly draws inspiration from Dark Souls and similar Grimdark Action RPG games. So did the first game in the series from 2014, but the style of the new capital in the series has become even more gritty in its expression. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 5 so there is a good foundation for a beautiful game. The YouTube video can be a bit harsh in terms of quality, but it is possible to get a good impression of the style.

The game will make use of Unreal 5 technologies such as Lumen and include high resolution textures. At the same time, Unreal Engine 5 Chaos Physics is used to advancedly simulate materials such as fabric, chains, hair and belts.

The Lords of the Fallen takes place in a semi open world where the player fights to stop the Demon God Adyr. The game world is divided into different zones, each of which is connected to at least two other zones. This means that it is up to the player themselves how they want to move through the different zones.

However, the game world also has the special feature that, in addition to the "normal" living world called Axiom, there is also a parallel undead realm called Umbral. It is a completely unique and separate world with its own NPCs, characters and not least loot. The player has the option of continuously crossing back and forth between the two realms, but this is not without a price.

The Lords the Fallen is currently set for release on October 13 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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