Two trailers from Wolverine leaked

Wolverine Trailer
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It appears that two new trailers for Insomniac's upcoming game, Marvel's Wolverine, have been leaked online. This is a gameplay trailer and a cinematic bit from the long-awaited game from the developers of the Spider-Man games.

To go into more detail, the gameplay trailer shows off the game's exploration and combat mechanics. However, since this is a very early trailer, it does not represent the quality of the final game. Still, it should give you a pretty good idea of what Insomniac is aiming to create.

Wolverine Combat

Watch the gameplay trailer on Reddit here.

The trailer gives both sensations of Assasins Creed and God of War, both of which have solid combat systems. So it will be interesting to see if there are any new tricks with Wolverine.

As I said, the second trailer is a cinematic target. This trailer shows an extended scene from the reveal teaser trailer. Essentially, it shows what Insomniac is aiming to achieve for the game's real-time cutscenes. And like in most games, the lighting in the cinematic target appears to be better than what is used in the gameplay trailer.

Watch the Cinematic trailer on Reddit here.

Wolverine trailer Cinematic

Back in December 2023, a PC dev build for Marvel's Wolverine was leaked online. This PC dev build allowed you to play a few gameplay scenarios. And yes, Insomniac already has a PC version of Marvel's Wolverine.

However, don't expect this game to hit the PC alongside its PS5 version. Instead, we'll probably get it a year or two after the PS5 release. At least that's Sony's current PC strategy. However, things can change.

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