Ubisoft finally releases Skull and Bones

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After years of production, Ubisoft's oft-delayed pirate game Skull and Bones is finally out!. However, the reception has been mixed.

Ubisoft's much-delayed pirate game "Skull and Bones" has finally been released after years of production difficulties. The launch, one of the most talked about this year, is a bet for the gaming giant. Despite the popularity of pirates in movies and other media, pirates have not been a very common theme in video games until now. In a rare example, Rare/Microsoft's "Sea of Thieves," which was released in 2018, invited players to "be more pirate." But a few years after the 2013 success of the pirate-themed "Black Flag" installment of the blockbuster "Assassin's Creed" franchise, Ubisoft is diving into what it hopes will be a standalone franchise with Skull and Bones.

However, the development of the game turned out to be more of an odyssey than a Caribbean cruise, as there have been many delays, staff turnover, strategy changes and pressure to deliver in the high-cost world of creating big game titles. By the end, a number of Ubisoft-owned studios were working together to keep the game going. Seven years after the first images of the game were published in 2017, "Skull and Bones" is now ready.

Skull and Bones is set in an open virtual world where players can sail alone or "create a gang of pirates with your friends and together terrorize the trade routes of the Indian Ocean," said Ubisoft creative director Justin Farren. Players assume the role of a shipwrecked pirate who, with nothing, strives to become the greatest pirate in the Indian Ocean through plunder and barter. At the virtual helm, a player must navigate currents and weather; keep ship and crew in fighting shape; gather resources and fight battles.

"It's a very big game," Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said during a recent earnings call. "Players want to see how big and complete that game is." Ubisoft now has the task of convincing gamers that "Skull and Bones" was worth the wait and deserves the expected price of 450 kroner. There is no doubt that many have been waiting for Skull and Bones and the hype has been great at times, despite the long wait. However, the initial reception has not been particularly good.


Players who gained early access to the game had already begun to lash out in dedicated Reddit forums, with some complaining about not being able to disembark the ships and visit land. "Did anyone think it could be anything but disappointing?" , asked a member of the Reddit forum. Some on the forums were concerned that the game would suffer from the pressure to finally finish it, and then be filled with in-game options to buy outfits, banners, or other digital items for extra money beyond the full price given for the game. Regardless of the game's reception, Ubisoft is already planning more content, such as new ships, opponents and other options. Establishing a devoted fanbase could allow Ubisoft to keep the game alive and profitable, indefinitely, with new content, features, and events.

If you look at the reviews, however, in its current form Skull and Bones lands in most places with medium grades.

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