ThunderX3 launches new Flex Pro chair

ThunderX3 Flex Pro
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ThunderX3 has announced their new Flex Pro gaming chair at Computex 2024. It is a chair that, in the style of their XTC chair, breaks with the typical design of a gaming chair. On top of that, they have also announced a motorized raise/lower table.

THUNDERX3, one of the world's top 5 gaming chair brands by sales, is proud to announce the launch of a premium mesh chair and motorized steel table at the Pro Gamersware (PGW) booth this year. Following the wild success of the brand's award-winning CORE series, this chair continues the brand's evolving design focus on ergonomics and comfort.

FLEX Pro-Mesh Black-1.png

After THUNDERX3 became part of the Pro Gamers Group (PGG), which this year is represented by their subsidiary PGW at COMPUTEX, they have gradually changed the design of their chair models to combine the look of a gaming chair with the functional comfort of more premium office chairs. This is achieved by introducing maximum adjustability in all their products, so users have more options to adapt the chair to their particular sitting style, work pattern and playing style.

FLEX Pro Mesh Chair

FLEX Pro is THUNDERX3's latest premium chair model, where breathability and self-adjusting fit are at the heart of its mesh design. Some of the key features of this model include:

  • Adjustments down to the smallest detail: 19 different ways to adapt to your body's particular contour and posture
  • Three separate backrest supports, each with self-adjusting mechanisms that support you without requiring endless adjustments
  • 3D lumbar support, based on the award-winning lumbar support from the CORE models

LAB-X Motor Table


LAB-X is a powerful motorized steel table with modular brackets that can specialize different parts of your table for different functions. Some of the key features include:

  • Anti-collision motor that automatically reverses upon impact
  • Mesh plate bracket can be placed under a desktop PC for better air flow
  • Tempered glass plate acts as a built-in mouse pad for extremely smooth movement
  • Full ecosystem of parts to customize the function of the table

THUNDERX3 welcomes attendees to experience the comfort of their new direction and product range first hand.

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