Apple is switching to cheaper VR headsets

Translate from : Apple skifter til billigere VR-headset
Apple is shifting focus from the high-end headset Vision Pro to a cheaper version. Despite challenges, support for Vision Pro continues, with cheaper headsets expected in 2025.

Apple is shifting its focus from developing a new high-end headset like the Vision Pro to creating a more affordable version, according to The Information. This decision comes in the wake of declining sales for Vision Pro, which was launched earlier this year. Despite being a high quality virtual reality headset, the Vision Pro has been criticized for its flaws, heavy weight and high price of $3,499.

The new project, codenamed N109, aims to keep the high-resolution displays that make the Vision Pro stand out, while removing certain features to make it "at least a third lighter," as reported by The Information.

Apple's goal is to price this cheaper headset in line with a high-end iPhone, with a price range between $1,500 and $2,500. However, balancing cost savings with the preservation of features has proven challenging for the tech giant.

Apple continues support for Vision Pro despite the challenges Despite the challenges and the shift in focus, Apple continues support for the Vision Pro headset. The company plans to release the headset internationally at the end of June, and introduce new features with visionOS 2 later this year.

It is still unclear whether Apple will return to developing another high-end Vision product, or whether they will focus on more affordable products in the long term. The cheaper headset is expected to ship before the end of 2025.

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