Synology DVA1622

Synology  DVA1622
Press Release- Synology today announced the launch of the Deep Learning NVR DVA1622 as it expands its successful line of deep learning network video recorders with a solution for smaller deployments. Synology previously launched the four-bay DVA3221 to put AI-powered surveillance in the hands of small and medium-sized businesses. The new two-bay DVA1622 for the first time brings AI-powered analytics, such as face recognition, within reach of small businesses and households.

A tailored solution for local use

The DVA1622 allows home users, shop owners, and others to profit from up to two simultaneous smart analytics tasks while monitoring up to 16 cameras in the smallest possible footprint. But that is not all. Unlike its larger brother, the DVA1622 supports HDMI output for up to 16 streams on one screen and local controls via two USB ports, eliminating the need for a PC to monitor and manage your deployment.

"We designed the DVA1622 specifically with the needs of small and home users in mind," said Tony Lin, product manager for surveillance at Synology Inc. "That doesn't just mean right-sizing its capacity, but also adding additional features to make sure that it can be used with a monitor, mouse, and keyboard as an all-in-one, standalone surveillance solution." 

More than just threat identification

Deep learning video analytics (DVA) tasks can help enhance security by actively identifying specific threats as configured. They can also reduce the effort of securing premises by providing more accurate and filtered alerts, for instance, by only notifying users of movement by people or cars. Deep learning analytics can help automate aspects of site management, such as by identifying authorized persons or calculating occupancy. And, finally, they can help generate statistics and other useful information.  

Enhancing home security

Timely alerts are crucial to prevent break-ins. With one or two DVA tasks, home owners can transform their home surveillance from simple CCTV recording to an active threat detection system that warns when suspicious activities are detected. 

Many homes have lightly fenced gardens, driveways, sheds, and ground floor rooftops from which thieves can force themselves in. However, setting up motion detection for open areas can lead to many false notifications as animals, deliverers, and other inputs trigger alarms. 

The DVA1622 supports Intrusion Detection, which can correctly identify when humans or vehicles cross preset boundaries, such as fence tops, and in which direction. People and Vehicle Detection scans feeds for humans or cars and sends alerts when these enter or linger in an area for a certain amount of time.

Small retail and hospitality

Surveillance not only helps keep businesses safe, but helps manage premises more efficiently. Identifying persons barred from the property, making sure only personnel enter restricted areas, guarding limits on occupancy, and keeping the private parking lots free of non-authorized vehicles can be automatized with DVA features.

Facial Recognition lets businesses build a database of visitors and employees, and automatically identify visitors who require special attention or non-staff entering restricted areas. People Counting can be used to calculate visitor numbers, as well as total building occupancy. When too many people congregate in a defined area, Congestion Alerts can set off alerts to workers on site. And with License Plate Recognition, the DVA1622 can tip off owners when vehicles that do not belong to members or employees enter a parking lot.

Secure surveillance ecosystem

The DVA1622 comes out of the box with the Surveillance Station 9.0 video management system, offering the latest and greatest in surveillance. With support for over 8,300 new and older camera models, and even more models through ONVIF conformance, migrating from other solutions is a breeze. Easy setup wizards automate configuration to get you up and running in no time. Surveillance Station further offers integration with I/O modules, audio systems, door controllers, and other surveillance devices, to make security systems truly interactive, and with other Synology systems.

Surveillance data can be kept safe in case of disaster with automated backups to Synology NAS and by dual recording, from IP cameras to a second device or to the cloud with C2 Surveillance. Protecting video recordings against theft, intrusion, or unauthorized use is easy with footage and device encryption, HTTPS and SRTP support, live watermarking, and integrity authentication tools.

Need the DVA1622 as part of a larger deployment? With Surveillance Station Centralized Management System (CMS), several to hundreds of Synology DVA, NVR, and NAS devices can be managed, operated, updated, and protected from a central management server. Process video at the edge while keeping central control and maintain your servers remotely from a single, powerful console.


The DVA1622 is available now through Synology resellers and partners.



Synology DVA3221 DVA1622

Synology DVA3221 DVA3221

Storage bays (max. bays)


4 (14)1

Memory (max. memory)


8 GB (32 GB) DDR4

Max. camera streams



Max. number of DVA tasks

2 (or 1 facial recognition task)


Local management

  1. HDMI video output
  2. Keyboard and mouse controls


External ports

1 x HDMI, 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1,

1 x 1GbE RJ-45

1 x COM, 3 x USB 3.2 Gen 1,
4 x 1GbE RJ-45


Synology and surveillance

Synology develops innovative solutions in storage, surveillance, and networking. Since the launch of its signature Surveillance Station video management system, more than 2 million IP cameras have been activated in more than 60 markets worldwide. With over half a million deployments currently active, Surveillance Station has become a household name in video surveillance. In 2022, Synology released Surveillance Station 9.0, consolidating advances while further pushing the envelope in ease of deployment, management, and operation.

  1. Expandable to 14 bays with two 5-bay DX517 expansion units, available separately.
  2. Each unit comes with 8 Surveillance Device Licenses included. Additional licenses are required to support up to 16 IP cameras.

  3. Each unit comes with 8 Surveillance Device Licenses included. Additional licenses are required to support up to 32 IP cameras.
  4. Facial recognition, license plate recognition, and certain intrusion detection settings consume system resources equivalent to two DVA tasks.

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