Bambu Lab A1 is back in updated form

Bambu Lab A1 er tilbage
Translate from : Bambu Lab A1 er tilbage i opdateret form
Bambu Lab has announced via their Facebook page that they are now ready with an update for their A1 3D Printer, which they have previously withdrawn.

Back at the beginning of February , we wrote about Bambu Lab's error on the A1 3D Printer. They had discovered an error on their popular A1 3D Printer, which meant that users could experience errors on the cable to their heat bed.

Bambu Lab A1 is back

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Although the error was only found in 0.1% of the units sold, Bambu Lab chose to stop selling the A1 Printer and at the same time gave existing customers the option to return their printer for a full refund.


Alternatively, users could choose to keep their printer and receive an upgrade kit that would replace the potentially defective part.

Bambu Lab is now ready with the replacement parts and announces on their Facebook page that they will soon send them out to the customers who chose this solution.

At the same time, Bambu Lab also announced that we can expect to see an updated version of the A1 3D Printer back on the shelves at the beginning of May.


The updated version comes with a number of new measures on the cable, which should help prevent a similar error from occurring again. The new parts have been tested 12 million times without showing any signs of problems.


Although it is of course annoying that the error has occurred, we would still like to take our hats off to Bambu Lab and their handling of the entire process. It's nice to see a solution that has such a focus on customers first.

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