Intel Lunar Lake Xe2-LPG overgår Meteor Lake

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Experience the Intel Lunar Lake Core Ultra 200V APU in an HP Specter x360 laptop. Superior performance and lower power consumption compared to the Meteor Lake offerings. Perfect for light and thin laptops.

An Intel Lunar Lake Core Ultra 200V APU inside an HP Specter x360 convertible laptop has been benchmarked in the SiSoftware Sandra database. The result shows the upcoming Battlemage-based Xe2-LPG iGPU in a very positive light, as it is not only faster, but also appears to use less power than competing Meteor Lake offerings.

Intel Lunar Lake MX mobile chips are expected to land in computers launching later this year. With the 8 cores (4 P and 4 E cores), a Xe2-LPG iGPU and a Core Ultra 200 tag, Intel positions the Lunar Lake CPUs as performance/watt champions for thin and light laptops. Previous reports have claimed that the Lunar Lake (LNL) processors can offer a 1.5x multi-core performance boost over 10-core Meteor Lake chips at just 17 W of base power.

Intel Battlemage leaks

Likewise, leaks have also painted the Xe2-LPG iGPU by LNL as being quite a bit faster than the Intel Arc iGPUs featured in Core Ultra CPUs. Adding more weight to the rumors surrounding Lunar Lake iGPU performance, an HP Specter x360 computer with an "Intel Core Ultra 200V" Lunar Lake chip has appeared in the SiSoftwre Sandra database with impressive iGPU results (via VideoCardz).

The mentioned Lunar Lake Xe2-LPG iGPU ran at a clock speed of just 1.85 GHz with a power limit of 17 W. In addition, the chip had 7 Xe cores (56 Execution Units) and 8 MB L2 cache. With these specs, the LNL iGPU scored 2,108.15Mpix/s, a score 19% higher than the 8-core (128 EU) Meteor Lake Xe-LPG iGPU listed in the database. What's even more interesting to note is that the LNL chip not only ran at a significantly lower clock speed, but also had an 11W lower power limit compared to the MTL sample.

In other words, LNL chips can bring a healthy graphics performance boost over Meteor Lake chips while using less power, making Intel's claim of a "Breakthrough in Performance/Watt" a reality. Let's hope the retail Lunar Lake chips show similarly impressive performance over the MTL, paving the way for Windows handhelds that can actually compete with AMD-based machines like the ASUS ROG Ally

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