AMD Ryzen 9000X3D CPUs support Overclocking

AMD Ryzen 7800X3D
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Rumor has it that AMD will finally allow overclocking with the upcoming Ryzen 9000X3D CPU series. A big change for the lineup and a promise the chip maker might finally fulfill.

AMD is rumored to finally allow overclocking with the upcoming Ryzen 9000X3D series of CPUs. This is both a big change for the line and a fulfillment of the chip maker's promise.

As a little insight: when AMD launched its first 3D V-Cache CPU alongside the non-X3D Ryzen 5000 Series back in 2020, they were powerful. Until now, one of AMD's best performing X3D CPUs is undoubtedly the Ryzen 7 7800X3D. However, the only downside to these processors is that you can't overclock them. And by that we mean you can't raise their clock speeds traditionally or manually.

With the Ryzen 9000X3D series, reports say AMD plans to allow "full overclocking", meaning you should be able to give it a boost with access to CPU voltages and clock speeds, something that wasn't possible with the Zen3 and Zen4 series. However, it has also been mentioned that AMD will introduce some measures, such as putting a limit on how much you can overclock the new Zen5 powered CPUs.

Understandably so, as 3D V-Cache is sensitive to voltage changes. The same reports also suggest that the Ryzen 9000X3D and Zen5 CPU series will support improved overclocking for DDR5 kits. Currently, AMD is targeting DDR5-6000 as the optimum, the same is true for Zen4, but they are targeting frequencies of 9,000 MT/s and 10,000 MT/s respectively.

As always, this is still just a rumor and until AMD officially confirms it. AMD is reported to be holding an event this month so until then it's best to take this news with the usual grain of salt.

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