Nvidia builds second supercomputer center in Taiwan

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Nvidia CEO confirms establishment of new AI supercomputer center in Taiwan. The new center will be similar to the existing one in Kaohsiung, without further details.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang confirmed on Tuesday (June 4) that the company will establish a second AI supercomputer center in Taiwan during the Computex trade show in Taipei. At a press conference, Huang said that the new center will be similar to the Taipei-1 center in Kaohsiung.

However, he did not reveal a location or schedule for the new center. Huang added that Nvidia's first AI supercomputer center, "Taipei 1", is located in Kaohsiung and plans to expand its computing power.

When asked about the progress in high-speed memory needed for Nvidia's AI chips, Huang said Nvidia continues to work with major memory makers, including SK Hynix and Samsung. In a separate interview on Monday (June 3), Huang said the company plans to set up a head office in Taiwan, but he did not specify the details, CNA reported.

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