BeQuiet reduces the price of power supplies

BeQuiet Straight Power 12
Translate from : BeQuiet reducerer prisen på strømforsyninger
BeQuiet has announced that they are launching their Power Up! campaign that means we can now look forward to reduced prices on a selection of their Straight Power 12 power supplies.

Better prices are of course always good news and especially when it is on such a central part of a solid system as a power supply. BeQuiet announces the following in their press release to us:

Be quiet! has launched an extensive marketing campaign called "POWER UP!" to promote sales of its Straight Power 12 series power supplies, specifically the high wattage models (1500W, 1200W). With an impressive 80 PLUS Platinum certification, near-inaudible cooling, ATX 3.0 compatibility, wire-free internals and a massive 12V rail, the Straight Power 12 ticks all the right boxes for users looking for a long-lasting companion to deliver power to high- than builds with current and next generation GPUs. For more information and specifications, visit the Straight Power 12 product page at

As part of this marketing effort, we have decided to permanently reduce the price of the Straight Power 12 high wattage models (as well as the Dark Rock Pro 5) to be more attractive to consumers. For your region, this means the following price reductions:

Straight Power 12 1500W: €244.90 (previous price: €349.90)

Straight Power 12 1200W: €229.90 (previous price: €249.90)

Dark Rock Pro 5: €89.90 (previous price: €99.90)

We naturally hope that the general price reduction is also quickly reflected at Danish retailers. If you want to know more about Straight Power 12, stop by BeQuiet or read our review here.

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