Enermax Revolution D.F.X 1050

12VHPWR PSU D.F.X full Powersupply modular Gold Revolution 1050 Enermax
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Enermax comes with a power supply that ensures a small size, but with plenty of Watts, to be able to handle the more demanding systems. The Enermax Revolution DFX 1050 is a power supply that complies with Intel ATX 3.0 standards, and brings some RGB with it.

Specifications and features:

  • Type: ATX12V 3.0
  • Cable layout: full modular
  • Efficiency: 80 PLUS Gold
  • Cooling solution: 120mm fan
  • Maximum temperature for operation: 40 degrees Celsius
  • Semi-passive cooling solution: No
  • Expected lifetime: + 100,000 hours
  • Cable included: Yes, black flats.
  • Security systems: OCP, OVP, OPP, OTP, SCP
  • Dimensions (L x W x D): 140 x 150 x 86
  • Weight: -
  • Warranty: Unknown

Enermax Revolution DFX 1050 is a power supply that comes in the following versions: 850/1050/1200/1350/1650W. Up to 1200W, the power supply has a compact size, where it will be larger than in length.

PSU Revolution full Powersupply modular 1050 D.F.X 12VHPWR Enermax Gold.JPG

Enermax Revolution DFX 1050 comes with a Gold certification, and promises efficiency up to 93.519%. Which makes it close to a Platinum certification. The Enermax Revolution DFX 1050 is an obvious choice for demanding systems, and with its ATX 3.0 standard, you can safely mount the latest RTX 40 series.

Gold Powersupply PSU Revolution full modular 12VHPWR D.F.X Enermax 1050.jpg

With the Enermax Revolution DFX 1050, we get all the necessary cables. However, none of the cables are sleeved, but they are all flat black. They have a length from 450mm to 700mm.

12VHPWR D.F.X Revolution Powersupply 1050 Gold PSU Enermax modular full.JPG

The power supply is fully modular, which means you decide how many cables you want to be used, and you don't have to try to find room for unused cables in the cabinet.

Revolution D.F.X modular Powersupply 1050 PSU Gold Enermax 12VHPWR full.jpg

The Enermax Revolution DFX 1050 comes with one 12VHPWR connection, which ensures a stable connection and can supply enough power for the most demanding graphics card.

PSU Gold Powersupply Revolution Enermax 1050 D.F.X full modular 12VHPWR.JPG

Enermax Revolution DFX 1050 states their fan uses patented dust-free rotation, which makes it clean itself when it starts up. It ensures a long service life and prevents dust from accumulating in the fan. At 100% load, the power supply will have a noise level of 26 dBa.

1050 12VHPWR Revolution PSU modular D.F.X full Powersupply Enermax Gold.JPG

Enermax states an efficiency of: 93,532 at 20%, 93,519 at 50%. Unfortunately, they do not state the number at 100%.


The Enermax Revolution DFX 1050 has a price tag of 210$.

Enermax full 1050 D.F.X PSU Gold Revolution 12VHPWR Powersupply modular.jpg

If you want to find more information about the Revolution DFX 1050 from Enermax, you can click on the banner above.

Why choose the Enermax Revolution DFX 1050

  • 80 PLUS Gold certification
  • Low dust level
  • Fully modular
  • Equipped with 120mm dust-free fan
  • Long life
  • 12VHPWR connection

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