Lian Li launches new Edge power supply

Lian Li Edge
Translate from : Lian Li lancerer ny Edge strømforsyning
Lian Li has presented a new power supply that breaks with the common form factor to be better for dual chamber cabinets.

Lian Li has unveiled a new PSU series primarily designed for dual-chamber enclosures with vertical PSU mounts, just like their O11 series. The new PSU series, called the Edge series, has an L-shaped form factor with all the main power connectors mounted on the bottom instead of on the side. Lian Li's goal with these new PSUs is to give builders easier access to the power connectors behind the PSU when mounted vertically.

Lian Li Edge PSU.jpg

Lian Li's design philosophy differs significantly from most mainstream PSUs today. All the main power connectors, including ATX 24-pin, EPS 8-pin, PCIe additional power connectors and miscellaneous power connectors (for example SATA or Molex adapters), have been moved to a bottom interface that protrudes from the bottom of the PSU.

This new design is said to improve cable accessibility in cases with vertical PSU mounts after builders build their PCs, making it easier to rearrange cables that are already connected. This is especially true for power cables that are traditionally installed on the bottom row of plugs on a regular power supply. Lian Li's Edge series PSUs reverse the orientation of these connectors, making it easy to access both rows of cables.

Lian LI Edge USB HUB

Lian Li has also implemented an internal USB hub in their new PSUs installed where the power plugs would normally be. These internal USB connectors are designed to expand the system's overall internal USB header count and power additional peripherals such as RGB controllers, all-in-one liquid coolers and fan controllers. These extra connectors will be handy with motherboards that lack many USB 2.0 connectors, which is usually the case with older low-end and mid-range motherboards.

Lian Li Edge editions.jpg

The new Edge range will consist of four SKUs that include a flagship 1300W model, a 1000W version and two 850W variations, one with slotted cables and one without slotted cables. (The 1300W and 1000W versions only come with slotted cables.) Lian Li's new PSU series also features a built-in 12VHPWR power connector and cable for powering Nvidia's latest RTX 40 series GPUs.

Despite their elongated appearance, the PSU shield has been shortened to accommodate the L-shaped design, so these units are still compatible with standard ATX PSU mounts. Release date and price have not yet been announced.

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