Crucial launches 12GB DDR5 memory

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Crucial now introduces 12GB DDR5 memory DIMMs, a 50% capacity increase over 8GB. Perfect for both desktop PCs and laptops.

Crucial has just announced their new 12GB DDR5 RAM-DIMMs for both desktop computers and laptops, which are between 8GB and 16GB DIMMs. We already have the usual 8GB, 16GB and 32GB RAM modules, but also 24GB, 48GB and 64GB DIMMs if you want lots of RAM.


The introduction of 12GB DDR5 RAM DIMMs from Crucial offers a 50% capacity increase over 8GB, giving 24GB in dual-channel DDR5 configurations (compared to 16GB if you used 2 x 8GB modules).

The new 12GB DDR5 RAM modules from Crucial are already listed on Amazon UK's website, spotted by industry insider "Momomo_US" on X . Crucial's new 12GB DDR5 modules have a part number of "CT12G56C46S5" with speeds of DDR5-5600, but it can be downclocked to 5200 and 4800 if needed.

Crucial RAM on nette.jpg

Crucial has not just one, but two kits of their new 12GB DDR5 RAM, either in a single 16GB DDR5 RAM module or in a 24GB kit (2 x 12GB modules). If you're looking for 12GB from a single module or a dual-channel 24GB configuration, Crucial has what you need.

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