"Apple Intelligence" AI features kommer med iOS 18

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Apple may have taken its time to join the wave of generative AI, but with WWDC just around the corner, we're expecting some big AI integrations and features to come with iOS 18.

Apple has come up with a new brand name for its opt-in AI services, making it stand out from the competition

According to the latest report from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple is ready to roll out its artificial intelligence initiatives for iOS 18 and will label the features as "Apple Intelligence" instead of the usual AI, marking Apple's place even when it comes to major language models. Unlike Google and OpenAI, Apple is not focused on bringing features that are revolutionary and new, but takes a more holistic approach to it and makes it a part of daily use and makes the functionality appear more natural.

Apple plans to use both device-based and cloud-based computing for its AI services, with a greater focus on device-based processing. An algorithm integrated into iOS 18 will decide which task requires which type of approach, and the complexity of the task will play an important role in this decision-making process.

With AI being the biggest update for the June 10 keynote, we're likely to hear about the partnership between OpenAI and Apple to bring an AI-infused chatbot similar to ChatGPT, which was recently confirmed according to various reports.

Some of the other exciting features include AI-powered summarization of articles, meeting notes and even text messages. Users can even request a summary of the notifications they missed, saving time and making daily tasks easier. Siri will also get an upgrade with the ability to perform functions within apps with a simple voice command and even get a more natural tone to bridge the gap between AI and human using AI models. One feature that will be popular with the younger generation is the ability to create custom emojis. Photo editing will be improved and the Mail app will be revamped, among other advancements.

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