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Apple is considering acquiring AI startup to improve privacy technology on Vision Pro. Brighter AI's anonymization technology is in focus for Apple.

According to sources 9to5Mac spoke to, Apple is considering acquiring Brighter AI to improve the technology that protects user privacy. Brighter AI has developed technology that can anonymize faces and license plates in images and videos. Since Vision Pro is capable of capturing identifiable information in photos and videos, Apple is now exploring ways to minimize the collection of such information on the device.

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Brighter AI's website touts Precision Blur and Deep Natural Anonymization as the company's two privacy-centric products. Precision Blur can automatically detect and blur faces, license plates and characters in photos and videos, and the company claims that this feature "is the most accurate AI-based editing solution" and that the blur has "a random feature that cannot be reverse-engineered".

Deep Natural Anonymization is designed to detect personal identifiers (eg a person's face) and create a synthetic alternative that retains the original characteristics but is unidentifiable. This protects the identity of the individual while retaining the relevant data for analysis or machine learning. Apple has long been a strong advocate for consumer privacy, so it's no surprise that they're showing great interest in Brighter AI's privacy-centric technology.


Incorporating these technologies into Apple products will not only increase user trust, but also improve the overall user experience by ensuring that personal information remains private. Moreover, such an upgrade of the Vision Pro could also give Apple a competitive advantage in the technology and electronics market. The most relevant keywords used in this article are: Apple, Brighter AI, Vision Pro, privacy technology, and Deep Natural Anonymization. The content of this article is not subject to copyright protection.

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