Apple negotiates with OpenAI

AopenAI - ChatGPT
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Apple may be close to agreement with OpenAI to implement ChatGPT on iPhone. Could Strengthen AI Features in iOS 18.

Weeks after reports that Apple resumed talks with OpenAI to bring some generative AI features to the next iPhone, Bloomberg says the two companies are finalizing the terms of a deal. Sources told Bloomberg that Apple wants to offer "a popular chatbot" powered by ChatGPT as part of a series of generative AI features in iOS 18.

However, there is "no guarantee" that the deal "will be announced right now". Apple is said to be testing an internal chatbot that engineers refer to as "Apple GPT". However, its output is limited to product prototyping and answering questions based on the data provided by Apple to train it.

Bloomberg adds that Apple is still in talks with Google to license Gemini to power AI features on the iPhone, but the talks have yet to result in a deal. In addition to OpenAI and Google, Apple reportedly approached Baidu to use its AI models for the iPhone, as Google has little or no presence in China.

Apple has said it will share the details of its ongoing work in AI at WWDC 2024, which takes place next month on June 10. The company is rumored to use on-device and cloud-computing servers equipped with the M2 Ultra chip to power some generative AI features in iOS 18.

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