Apple releases macOS 15 Beta 2

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Discover all new features in macOS 15 Sequoia Beta 2. Improved iPhone mirroring, Bluetooth, storage management and more. Watch our video for details!

Apple has just released the second beta version of macOS 15 Sequoia, which introduces a number of new features and updates designed to improve the user experience and functionality.

This latest release brings improvements to iPhone mirroring, Bluetooth settings, storage management for app installs, and more. While some issues from the previous beta have been resolved, certain features and changes are still under evaluation and improvement.

To upgrade from Beta 1 to Beta 2, users may have to follow manual steps and the update size is approximately 3.4GB. In addition to the main features, macOS 15 Sequoia Beta 2 brings notable updates to System Preferences and various applications:

  • System Preferences: The General tab in System Preferences now has a more prominent border that improves visual clarity. In addition, a new RCS option for text messages has been introduced as a beta feature for users in the US.
  • Apple Music: After the update, Apple Music requires users to re-verify their accounts, ensuring secure syncing of music libraries and settings.
  • Chess Game: The chess game has undergone a significant overhaul and now boasts a new 3D animated design and integration with Game Center for an improved gaming experience.
  • Safari: Safari, Apple's flagship web browser, has been given an updated version number and is said to outperform Chrome when it comes to speed and performance.

While macOS 15 Sequoia Beta 2 addresses some issues from the previous beta, certain bugs and known issues persist:

In addition to the major features and bug fixes, macOS 15 Sequoia Beta 2 also delivers a variety of improvements:

  • The Freeform App: The Freeform App has been updated to offer better functionality and an improved user experience.
  • Siri and Apple Intelligence: While updates to Siri and Apple Intelligence are on the way, they have not been implemented in this specific beta release.
  • AirDrop stability: AirDrop, Apple's proprietary file transfer protocol, has undergone stability improvements that ensure more reliable file transfers between devices.
  • Wi-Fi Connection: Network stability has been improved, giving users a more stable and consistent Wi-Fi connection.

As Apple continues to refine and improve macOS 15 Sequoia through subsequent beta releases, users can look forward to a more polished and functional operating system. With each iteration, Apple aims to address user feedback, root out bugs, and introduce new features that elevate the Mac experience to new heights.

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