Google Launches AI tool for language learning

Skærmbillede 2024-04-30 094620
Translate from : Google Lancerer AI værktøj til sproglæring
Google is testing a new AI-powered feature to help English learners improve their speaking skills.

Google is testing a new AI-powered feature aimed at helping English language learners develop their speaking skills. The tech giant has introduced an experimental "speech practice" tool within Google Search to select users in several countries.

The AI-powered tool prompts users with conversational scenarios and requires them to respond verbally using specific words or phrases. For example, an example provided by Google asks the user to incorporate the words “love,” “sorry,” and “sorry” into a spoken response to the situation: “I'm sorry because I dropped my favorite shirt in the park yesterday. "

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Google says the basic idea is to help English learners practice natural conversations while reinforcing correct use of vocabulary in context. Google highlights that the interactive experiences utilize generative AI to deliver real-life examples and scenarios.

For now, access to the "speech practice" tool is quite limited. Google has confirmed that it is currently only available to English students in Argentina, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Venezuela who are in the company's Search Labs program.

Search Labs allow users to test early Google Search experiments and features before they are rolled out more widely. Those with access can find the "speech practice" option either by searching for it directly in Search, or after translating text to or from English using an Android device. The concept of an AI conversation practice assistant is not entirely new to Google.

In late 2023, the company introduced a similar tool specifically designed to help English language teachers improve their speaking skills through interactions. However, the newly discovered "speech practice" tool appears to include more realistic conversation topics and scenarios than the previous effort. Google has not provided details on whether or when it might expand availability to more countries and languages.

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