Microsoft integrates 'sudo' command

Windows Sudo code
Translate from : Microsoft integrerer 'sudo'-kommando
Microsoft has announced the integration of sudo, a command widely used on Linux and macOS systems to gain administrator access, into Windows with Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26052.

Microsoft continues its work to make Windows more usable and compatible with other operating systems. The latest decision by Microsoft is to bring Linux's 'sudo' command into Windows 11. This was announced along with the latest Insider Preview Build 26052. The sudo command is widely used on both Linux and macOS systems to allow users to gain administrator access.

This is an essential part of these operating systems and something that Windows users have been asking for for a long time. The integration of sudo into Windows 11 is a big step forward in Microsoft's efforts to integrate Linux functionality into their operating system. This move comes after Microsoft's earlier embrace of Linux during the Windows 10 era.


During this time, Microsoft introduced a virtualized subsystem that gave users and developers access to a true Linux command line within the Windows environment. This innovation was met with great enthusiasm from both users and developers, and it is clear that Microsoft wants to continue this trend with Windows 11.

The integration of sudo in Windows 11 will give users and developers even more flexibility and control over their systems. It will also enable those who are used to working with Linux or macOS to feel more at home in the Windows environment.

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