Nvidia buys Run:ai for $700M

Translate from : Nvidia køber Run:ai for $700M
Nvidia has acquired Run:ai, a software vendor from Tel Aviv, to optimize AI workloads. Our customers get access to Run:ai's features for their AI projects.

Nvidia announced Wednesday that it has acquired Run:ai, a software provider based in Tel Aviv that specializes in workload management and orchestration. According to reports, the trade size could be around $700 million. The Israeli startup offers efficient utilization of cluster resources for AI workloads across shared accelerated data loggers.

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The company has built an open platform on Kubernetes, the orchestration layer for modern AI and cloud infrastructure. "Run:ai has been a close partner with Nvidia since 2020, and we share a passion for helping our customers get the most out of their infrastructure," said Omri Geller, co-founder and CEO of Run:ai. "We are thrilled to become a part of Nvidia and look forward to continuing our journey together," Geller added.

Run:ai enables enterprise customers to manage and optimize their computing infrastructure, whether on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments. Nvidia said its DGX and DGX Cloud customers will gain access to Run:ai's capabilities for their AI workloads, particularly for implementing large language models. Nvidia's accelerated computing platform and Run:ai's platform will continue to support a broad ecosystem of third-party solutions that provide customers with choice and flexibility.

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