Nvidia CEO: AI can pass "human tests" in 5 years

Translate from : Nvidia CEO: AI kan bestå "mennesketests" om 5 år
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang predicts that artificial general intelligence (AGI) could be here within five years. He points out that the arrival of AGI depends on how the goal of AGI is defined.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang stated on Friday that artificial general intelligence (AGI) could, by some definitions, arrive in as little as five years. Huang, who heads the world's leading maker of AI chips used to create systems like OpenAI's ChatGPT, appeared at an economic forum held at Stanford University where he was asked how long it would take to achieve AGI with computers, who can think like humans.


He replied that the answer largely depends on how the target of AGI is defined. If the definition is the ability to pass human tests, Huang said AGI will arrive soon. “If I give an AI… every single test that you can imagine, you make that list of tests and put it in front of the computer science industry, and I'm guessing that in five years we'll do well in every single ,” Huang said.

Currently, AI can pass tests like legal exams, but has had trouble with specialized medical tests like gastroenterology. According to other definitions of AGI, Huang said, it may be further away because there is still disagreement among researchers about how to describe how human minds work.

Jensen also addressed a question about how many more chip factories, called "fabs" in the industry, are needed to support the expansion of the AI industry. Media reports have indicated that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman believes many more fabs will be needed, and he has sought funding for an AI chip venture. Huang said more fabs will be needed, but noted that each chip will also improve over time, limiting the number of chips required by customers.


"We're going to have to use more fabs. But remember, we're also improving the algorithms and the processing of (AI) tremendously over time," Huang said. "It's not like the efficiency of computation is what it is today, and therefore the demand is such and such. I'm improving computation by a million times over 10 years."

Nvidia recently surpassed $2 trillion in market capitalization, making it the third-largest US company by market capitalization - surpassed only by Microsoft and Apple. Nvidia's share price is up 70.8% so far in 2024. The AI chip giant's share price is up 244% in the last year and 2,084% in the last five years."

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