OpenAI releases ChatGPT app for Mac

Translate from : OpenAI frigiver ChatGPT-app til Mac
OpenAI will soon launch its own ChatGPT app exclusively for macOS users. However, the release date is not clear.

Although a release date is not clear, OpenAI is about to debut their own ChatGPT generative text app for macOS users. Until now, ChatGPT has been available for Mac through third-party apps. That is about to change.

In its series of Monday announcements, the company stated that it will soon release a first-party Mac app so that the service is constantly available to macOS users. A timetable for release is not clear, nor is it clear what the cost will be for text generation or other features.

The release does not appear to be related to a reported deal in development between Apple and OpenAI. A report on Friday claimed that a deal between the two is close but not yet done. In addition to that agreement, there has also been much talk of a possible agreement with Google.

Apple is also said to be working on Ajax, an LLM that could cover many different functions that Siri could theoretically perform. With Ajax, Apple is expected to offer text summarization that analyzes whether contacts are involved and provides more intelligent results for Spotlight.

Besides generative AI, Apple is also working on contractive applications.

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