Microsoft Merges Copilot AI with Telegram

Copilot til Telegram
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Telegram has launched a new chatbot, which is now available outside the EU, specifically in the US, UK and Asia. Microsoft's AI assistant, Copilot, enhances user interactions with advanced AI technology.

Microsoft extends Copilot to Telegram for improved user interaction

Microsoft has extended its AI assistant, Copilot, to the Telegram messaging app, aiming to improve user interaction through advanced artificial intelligence. This integration, announced at Build 2024, allows Telegram users to engage in intelligent conversations and access various information directly within the app.

Functions and options

Microsoft's Copilot chatbot for Telegram enables users to have more intelligent and informative conversations. Users can ask about various topics, from factual information to travel planning, fitness routines and entertainment. This initiative is part of Microsoft's "Copilot-for-social" project, which aims to integrate generative AI into social apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.


Unlike its web or Windows counterparts, the Telegram Copilot bot does not support image generation and does not allow switching between different modes, such as "Creative", "Balanced" and "Precise".

Copilot for Telegram is available on multiple platforms including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and web.

This is how you get started

To start using Copilot in Telegram, search for "@CopilotOfficialBot" within the app or click on a given link.

Before interacting with the chatbot, users must agree to Microsoft's privacy policies and verify the phone number associated with their Telegram account. Currently, the Copilot bot is in the beta phase and verified on Telegram. For security reasons, users are required to enter their phone numbers, although Microsoft assures that these numbers are not stored.


The service is available outside the European Union , specifically in the US, UK and Asia. Microsoft has created a dedicated webpage for Copilot on Telegram, which provides detailed information about the chatbot's features.

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