The ChatGPT effect: Apple surpasses Microsoft's value

Apple Intelligence
Translate from : ChatGPT effekten: Apple overgår Microsofts værdi
Apple is back on top as the world's most valuable company thanks to "Apple Intelligence" and the collaboration with OpenAI. Experience the innovation in your Apple devices!

After the presentation of "Apple Intelligence" and the collaboration with OpenAI, which begins this fall, the iPhone manufacturer is once again the world's most valuable company. This means that Apple has pushed Microsoft away from the top spot. Microsoft grabbed the position as a major investor in OpenAI in the wake of the AI hype.

For about a year, Apple looked a little weak next to its competitors in AI, but now its old strength is back. Apple has done what it often does: it doesn't have to be the first to come up with innovations, but it always tries to perfect the technology.

Although no one has yet been able to test the Apple Intelligence and ChatGPT integration in the upcoming versions of the iPhone, iPad and Mac, the reactions so far have been consistently positive.

Unlike Google, Apple also did not allow itself any mistakes in the probably carefully controlled marketing materials at the presentation. This means that the ranking of the world's most valuable companies looks like this again:

Valuable companies.png

For Apple, the agreement with OpenAI has so far paid off - and is expected to pay off even more from the autumn onwards. According to reports, Apple is not paying the ChatGPT creator anything for the integration, but is instead giving the start-up massive distribution. After all, hundreds of millions of users are confronted with this every day directly on their most personal devices - and if they take out a subscription, Apple can make money from it.

Apple also surprised everyone by being able to run its own AI models directly on the end devices. Although these are weaker than industry-leading GPT-4o from OpenAI and Gemini 1.5 Pro from Google, they can certainly keep up with other top models such as Mistral AI or open-source LLMs from Google or Microsoft. Apple can also attack where it is strong, data protection.

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