The world's first AI software engineer Devin

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Translate from : Verdens første AI-softwareingeniør Devin
Meet Devin, the world's first AI software engineer. Devin can write code, solve engineering tasks and has even completed jobs on Upwork. See the future with AI now.

Cognition" shared on X their latest project, "Devin - the world's first AI software engineer". The company wrote that Devin can not only write and create code, but has also "completed real tasks on Upwork".

Upwork is a platform that connects companies with independent professionals and agencies. "We are excited to introduce Devin, the first AI software engineer. Devin is the new state-of-the-art on the SWE-Bench coding exam, has passed practical engineering interviews from leading AI companies, and has even completed real tasks on Upwork," wrote Cognition.

Devin AI bot

Also, Devin can solve "engineering tasks using his own shell, code editor and web browser". In a subsequent comment on their post, the AI lab added that Devin can "learn to use unfamiliar technologies", "contribute to mature production repositories" and "train and fine-tune its own AI models".

Check out this tweet about 'AI software engineer' Devin: Since the post was shared a day ago, it has racked up more than 25.9 million views - and counting. The split has also caused people to react differently.

What X users said about 'the world's first AI software engineer':

"RIP me, replaced by a machine before I've even got skills and a degree," joked one X user.

"We had a good time bro; now it's going to be an AI world," added another.

"I don't understand why developers are voluntarily coding the entire industry out of jobs. I understand why companies want this, but I don't understand why developers are voluntarily doing this and coding themselves and everyone else out of getting good paying jobs," asked a third.

While many were not happy with this new invention, a few expressed excitement about it. Like this X user who wrote, "Can't wait to get early access". Another wrote, "Would like an invite and test it! Just wow, so many options. I've tested some AI agents in the past, but this is a complete package!"

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