Bang & Olufsen launches new Beosound A5

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The new portable Beosound A5 speaker from Bang & Olufsen was designed in collaboration with the Danish-Italian design duo GamFratesi and builds a bridge between the northern and southern design culture.

Two versions

Beosound A5 is available in two colors. The version in gray aluminum with a front in woven paper fibers and a light oak handle, which brings to mind a Scandinavian summer atmosphere by the sea, while the version in black anthracite combined with a front and handle in delicious dark oak creates associations with the fascinating winter forest landscape.


The design is intended to fit elegantly both inside and outside, where Beosound A5 will present the very best in Scandinavian design.

"Beosound A5 is our new high-end portable speaker that combines Bang & Olufsen's long-standing approach to timeless design with our vision of sound for the future," says Michael Henriksson, Vice President of Product Marketing at Bang & Olufsen and continues:

"We are very excited about our first collaboration with GamFratesi – a collaboration that has resulted in two designs that are based on the Scandinavian aesthetic, but with their very own, distinct design signature."

A new interpretation of a Bang & Olufsen design icon

Beosound A5 meets at the crossroads between portable and stationary sound for the home. The solid oak handle makes it easy to take the speaker from room to room, where it can be placed on the floor, on a shelf or on a table.


With an IP65 certification against water and dust, it is also obvious to take the Beosound A5 with you on adventures big and small, where good sound must be your companion. Add to that over 12 hours of battery life and a wireless mobile charger integrated on top, and you have Bang & Olufsen's most flexible speaker to date. A speaker that you can control either via the elegant panel on top or from Bang og Olufsen's app.

Beosound A5_dark_oak.png

"The inspiration for the Beosound A5 comes from B&O's iconic Beolit series, but also from natural materials that are synonymous with the colors and textures found in the Scandinavian nature," Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi from GamFratesi say, elaborating: "Our design journey with Beosound A5 has been guided by the mix of natural materials, from the traditional Panama straw hats you once wore to the beach, to hand-braided leather details in Danish chairs from the 1960s, used in experimental ways."

Powerful, precise and portable sound

The speaker has a 4-way driver setup with four digital amplifiers, which together provide 280 watts of power, which cleverly fills even large rooms with a dynamic 360 degree sound. The Beosound A5 consists of a 1 x 5.25" woofer, a 2 x 2" midrange and a 1 x ¾ tweeter and thus excels in sound as much as in design.


While the aesthetic inspiration comes from Bang & Olufsen's Beolit series, the technology behind the Beosound A5 is inspired by the Beolab 90 and 50 hi-fi speakers. The Beamforming technology first used in the Beolab series has been brought to the Beosound A5 for to be able to control the sound with high precision. It creates an intense sound experience that goes far beyond what you normally expect from a portable speaker.

Designed for longevity

Bang & Olufsen is known for their long-lasting products, and the Beosound A5 is no exception. In addition to the timeless look, the speaker is modularly designed so that it can be easily repaired and its life extended instead of being replaced by a new speaker. Going forward, Bang & Olufsen will launch the front of the speaker in new materials and colours, so that the Beosound A5 can change its appearance with time and the owner's personal style.

Beosound A5 0028 copy.png

Thanks to Bang og Olufsen's software platform, Mozart, the lifespan of the Beosound A5 extends beyond the physical craftsmanship and modular design. Mozart provides updated features across sound, connectivity and software design. The platform connects the past with today's technology and the development of future Bang og Olufsen products. In this way, Beosound A5 can develop in step with new technologies and unfold magnificent listening experiences many years into the future.


The weight that the Bang & Olufsen name has in terms of both design and sound naturally means that you will have to dig deep into your pockets to get your hands on the new Beosound A5. The Nordic Weave version lands with a suggested price of DKK 7,499, while the Dark Oak version starts at DKK 8,299. Both are available direct from Bang & Olufsen and selected retailers from today 27 April 2023.

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